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If you are reading this, it is probably because your car won't start, you need an oil change, car maintenance, auto repair or some other form of car service. And - you are looking for a new, people friendly, quality auto repair shop in Franklin Park, IL with a great 24 Month - 24,000 Mile Auto Warranty.

Is The Ultimate Garage qualified to perform auto service and repair on your car, SUV, pickup truck, van or minivan? Do we treat our car service and truck repair customers with respect, honesty and quality automotive repair?The Ultimate Garage AAA Approved Auto Repair
You bet we do!

We have proudly earned the approval of AAA. The Ultimate Garage is an AAA Approved Auto Repair Shop in Franklin Park, IL. About the highest honor you can have in the auto repair industry.

We worked hard to get that AAA auto repair approval by treating all our customers with the utmost respect and performing your car service with great care. Our
ultimate goal is getting your car fixed right the first time, every time and to leave you with a smile on your face.

Not everyone knows this, but one of the things AAA does to give an auto repair service shop their approval, is to randomly select a good sized group of our current customers. Then, each one is personally called by an AAA representative to find out what that customer thinks of our auto repair shop. If the number of good reviews is not high enough, they will not give the AAA Approved Auto Repair status to that shop.

The Ultimate Garage in Franklin Park, IL gives you the highest quality auto repair service you expect and at prices that make sense with a full 24 month, 24,000 mile warranty.

We're Not Into Building Auto Repair Customers
As Much As We Are Into Building Friends

It's a simple principle really. You would rather take your auto repair business to a friend, someone you can trust, to repair and maintain your car. And we would rather work with friends who enjoy bringing their car service business to us.

How can we do this? The Ultimate Garage gives you the
quality auto service and repair you are entitled to at prices that make sense and we really do take good care of you and your car. That's why we have been able to provide auto repair for so many of your friends and neighbors over the last 25 years here in Franklin Park, IL and the surrounding areas.

Franklin Park, IL and Surrounding Areas That We Service

The Ultimate Garage Auto Services Franklin Park ILIf you live in one of these areas and need an oil change, auto repair, truck repair, auto service, car service or any other form of auto repair services, we are close by: Franklin Park IL, Addison, Elk Grove Village, Park Ridge, O'Hare Airport, River Grove, Stone Park, Melrose Park, River Forest, Wood Dale, Itasca, Medinah or Elmhurst, The Ultimate Garage could be the perfect Auto Repair Shop for you.

Conveniently located at 1000 East Green Street at County Line Rd (also known as Mt. Prospect Rd.), The Ultimate Garage could be just minutes away from you and the perfect answer for your auto repair and maintenance needs. For 25 years, The Ultimate Garage has been serving your area.

What Keeps Most People From Trying A New Auto Repair Shop?
Fear Of The Unknown...

  • Fear of Dishonesty.
  • Fear of Overpricing.
  • Fear of Being Treated Rudely.
  • Fear of Not Backing Their Service or Warranty.
  • Fear of Women Being Talked Down To or Ogled.
  • Fear of Being Taken Advantage Of.
The Ultimate Garage Franklin Park IL Treat Ladies With Respect When It Comes To Car Repair
Everybody wants to find a car repair shop that they can trust - and - has their best interest at heart.

25 Years Of Respectful, Concerned, Quality Auto Repair Sets
The Ultimate Garage Up As A Tested And Proven Auto Repair Shop

After 25 years of having his own auto repair shop, Joe Skala, owner of The Ultimate Garage, knows exactly how you feel and has built his business around you, the customer. Each of these areas of concern are carefully dealt with to make sure that you, our auto repair customer, feels completely comfortable and at home while you are here. There are no billing surprises when you come to pick up your car. The only car repair work that we do here, is what you have already approved - nothing more. Of course, each auto repair customer has questions when an auto repair shop makes recommendations concerning how they want to fix their car. We understand this and will even take you out into the auto repair shop to show you exactly what needs to be repaired on your car, so you will know what to expect BEFORE we do the car repair. That way, you know what you will be getting and paying for, so you can give us your final approval to do the actual auto service work.

Complete auto repair, maintenance and fleet service, for your car fleet, truck fleet, light trucks, pickup trucks, van fleet, delivery vehicle, fleet sales cars, executive cars, technician service cars - trucks - vans and local delivery vehicles, vans and trucks.

When your business is on the move using a fleet of pickup trucks, cars, or vans, the worst thing that could happen is a vehicle breakdown. At The Ultimate Garage in Franklin Park, IL, we understand your problem. You need to have immediate auto repair service for your fleet car, SUV, light truck, pickup truck, fleet van or delivery vehicle. You lose money every minute that vehicle is down. You need competent, professional auto repair service, and you need it right away! Auto repair response time is one of the most important things you need to consider in selecting the perfect auto repair shop.

The Ultimate Garage has 25 years experience in automotive maintenance, automotive service and repair of these important fleet vehicles for Franklin Park, IL. We can help you keep your vehicle fleet maintained, repaired and on the road.

Why Does The Sudden Need For Auto Repair Always Seem To Be A Financial Emergency

SIMPLE! You weren't expecting a car problem, and you certainly weren't expecting to spend $100, $300, $800 or more for a car repair you weren't prepared for!

When it comes to everyday living, you can't deny that your car, van, minivan, pickup truck, or SUV plays just about the most important role in getting things done. And when your car suddenly decides to let you know it is just not going to work today, you find yourself
suddenly out of business.

Does your car need brake repair, have a car engine problem, a car starting problem, car battery problems or do you need new tires? Whatever the auto service repair situation might be, you need to have the vehicle repaired right now so you can get back to work, school, shopping or whatever your immediate schedule might require.

Your Car, Running In Perfect Condition Is One Of Life's Most Important Things.
Are You Ready To Save Money On Car Repair?

Your Car is too important to take lightly. We know it's hard to find the time and to spend the money for auto maintenance sometimes, but research has shown that for every dollar you spend on maintenance, the average car owner saves up to $8 on car repairs.

How can that be? Here is a perfect example - but there are many more just like it.

If your car air conditioner system develops a leak and will
no longer cool the car, the first thing most people do is turn up the AC to full power. That is a big mistake. The Freon carries the lubricant for the compressor. If you keep running the AC when there is no lubricant, you can burn out your auto AC compressor. That is an $800 to $1,500 repair, (depending on what car you have) compared to a $99 AC checkup, where we find the AC problem, fix the leak, and add Freon. A much smarter way to handle your car auto repair!

Auto Repair Articles - How To Keep Your Car Running To Perfection
And Save Big Money At The Same Time

Articles with tips on keeping your car reliable, economical and virtually eliminating high cost auto repairs through regular, comparatively much cheaper maintenance.

Click Here To Read Auto Repair and Service Articles, Tips and Savings from The Ultimate Garage

The Ultimate Garage Services - Zip Codes - Cities and Neighborhoods Serviced

Areas of Service Zip Codes

The Ultimate Garage offers Complete auto repair service for the following zip codes: 60148, 60143, 60101, 60176, 60656, 60171, 60165, 60164, 60163, 60162, 60160, 60104, 60181, 60154, 60153, 60191, 60106, 60666, 60634, 60305, 60131, 60126, 60706, 60707, 60018, 60631, 60056, 60016, 60068, 60005, 60007

Areas of Service Cities & Neighborhoods

The Ultimate Garage offers Complete auto service and repair for these following cities and neighborhoods in Illinois (IL): Lombard, Itasca, Addison, Schiller Park, Chicago, River Grove, Stone Park, Melrose Park, Berkeley, Hillside, Bellwood, Villa Park, Westchester, Maywood, Wood Dale, Bensenville, River Forest, Franklin Park, Elmhurst, Harwood Heights, Elmwood Park, Des Plaines, Mount Prospect, Park Ridge, Arlington Heights, Elk Grove Village, Georgetown Square, Rosemont, Norridge, Niles

Vehicles Serviced

The Ultimate Garage offers Complete automotive service, maintenance and repair for the following car, SUV, van, minivan, pickup truck and light truck vehicles: Acura, Audi, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chevy, Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, Ford, GMC, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Jeep, Kia, Land Rover, Lexus, Lincoln, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Dodge Ram, Scion, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo, Buick, Oldsmobile, Ford Truck, Pontiac, Chevy Truck, Chevrolet Truck, Toyota Truck, Chevy Suburban, Chevy Tahoe, Cadillac Escalade, Jeep, Ram Truck, Dodge Ram Truck

The Ultimate Garage
Joe Skala - Owner and ASE Certified Master Technician
1000 East Green Street
Franklin Park, IL 60131
Main Phone: 630-860-2996
Business Hours: Mon-Fri 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Accepted Payments: All Major Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Checks & Cash

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